A Visit from one of our first customers.

This week, we had the pleasure of a visit from Graham Golledge, one of our first customers from 1986 when Kingston Garden Services was just getting started. Graham, who has since retired as Parks manager from Richmond Council, continues to visit us every year to share updates on his latest allotment grown fruit and vegetables, winning many trophies from local village shows.

During his visit, Graham fondly recalled the “famous” Eucalyptus tree he planted in the walled garden. In those days, it was an unusual species, and they were elated when it survived the first year. Fast forward to today, our climate has undergone a significant shift, and Eucalyptus is now a regular garden tree.

Our name has changed and our business has grown over the years, and with it, our appreciation for our customers has become stronger. They remain the foundation of any successful enterprise.

Director Abigail Evans pictured with Graham Golledge.

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