Living Breathing Screening. Expert Advice from Steve Evans

In our ever more built up environment privacy is becoming a very important issue particularly in the city landscape.  The feeling of being over-looked or over-looking and blocking out an unsightly view is a necessary part of urban living.

Building huge walls or erecting solid fences (if permitted) can be effective but in a small space a wall can be over-powering and even counter-productive by making the space feel small and enclosed.

Where opportunity permits we should try to overcome our problems with living, breathing mechanisms that are attractive, form habitats for wildlife and create more green areas in the places they are most needed – TREES!

There are many spaces and forms of trees that can be a boon when deciding what to plant.  There are also plenty of other specifies that are wholly unsuitable.

These lists are endless and much covered.  Instead I would like to draw your attention to just two varieties that I would recommend as a result of using them in such situation over many years.  They are hardy, not too demanding from a soil point of view and water requirements.  Furthermore they can be pruned regularly to fit any area and most importantly they are not cost prohibitive.

I give you ……….

Photinia Serrulata “Red Robin” and Ligustrum lucidium “Excelsum Superbum” – the Chinese privet.

They are now widely available from our quality plant centres Sempervirens in Twickenham and The Otter Nursery in Ottershaw.

Great value and an attractive solution to the problems we have discussed.

Now is the perfect time to plant so be ahead of the game before summer arrives.

Kingston Landscape Group can assist you with all of your domestic garden needs regardless of size or budget.  So whether you needing a fence, hedging or a full garden makeover contact us for an obligation free quote.

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