Q & A with Ranjeet Jadeja – Quantity Surveyor

KLG recently welcomed Ranjeet Jadeja to our team as a Quantity Surveyor, with BA in financial economics from Leicester University and an MSC in Quantity Surveying from Kingston University, Ranjeet comes with a wealth of knowledge.   A real local boy growing up just down the road in Whitton,  Ranjeet loves going to the gym and playing tennis.   Here we find out more about Ranjeet, his previous experience and career goals.

Tell me about your role as Quantity Surveyor with KLG

I work closely with clients to ensure each bespoke landscaping package meets their requirements and the project is profitable.  I also work alongside subcontractors to make certain our high standards are met.

What would you say is the most challenging part of your role?

For now, gaining as much exposure to landscaping as an industry

What do you most enjoy about being a Quantity Surveyor with KLG?

Correct commercial processes and procedures have been put in place prior to me joining.  This makes the work simple/less ambiguous and, therefore enjoyable.  Furthermore, every staff member I have met is friendly and approachable making for a happy work place.

Thinking about the future of the role, what are you most looking forward to?

Winning new work and building sustainable relationships with clients and subcontractors.  Progressing my career and taking on further responsibilities.

What has been a previous career highlight?

Becoming a QS in 2.5 years with no previous experience. Also, my first project as a QS was a self- delivered bridge replacement for Costain (client Thames Water). Costain did not ever self- deliver, and given our client was Thames Water, a bridge replacement was rare. I managed to successfully complete the self- delivered programme with a respectable profit margin. Also found under applied projects when working with Kier Highways- finding value of over £250k.



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